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5 Tips For A More Productive Tomorrow

The nights are getting longer, days shorter, meals heavier, sofa comfier and social diaries fuller. Yes, it is officially winter and the festive season is upon us. Whilst there are things to enjoy about winter, it’s important to note that all these things we associate with ‘cosy nights in’ can make us far less productive.

We’re fast approaching the laziest time of the year, so our team has shared their five top tips to make sure you have a more productive tomorrow.

  1. Assess today’s achievements 

“Before you log off for the day, celebrate what you’ve achieved. I love looking at my To-Do-List and seeing how many things I’ve crossed off; some days it might only be small wins, others huge triumphs. No matter what, ending the working day with a positive celebration, rather than rushing that last email I really don’t want to send, sets me up for a productive tomorrow and finishes the current working day on a high.” – Freddie O’Brien, Marketing Executive at hasta

2. Prep your meals

“The thought of having to make lunch and breakfast in the morning is my idea of a nightmare. Rushing around, throwing things in a bag, or even worse, grabbing something processed on-the-go, is not a situation I live for. Prepping my lunches and dinners a few days in advance means more sleep, less stress and fewer trips to the shop. If I’m really pushed for time, I’ll turn to a meal-prep service like Fresh Fitness Food. Balanced nutrition and hydration make everyone more productive and happier too. It can be hard forming new habits, but the rewards are definitely worth it.” – Chris Scriven, Director of Partnerships at hasta

3. Plan your day

“I am in love with lists. Things to buy, things to do, things to cook – I cannot get enough of them. Personally, I’m a fan of the classic pen and paper. Visually mapping out your day’s priorities and then physically crossing them off one by one gives me a sense of achievement. I also make time for me. That crucial lunch break to recharge and reset my mind away from work is so important. Planning my day with this in mind means that even at super busy periods, I know I have that allocated personal time. Knowing I’ve been productive enhances my mood and creates a sense of excitement and anticipation for the day ahead.” – Sophie Marshall, Marketing Executive at hasta

4. Five minutes of exercise in the morning 

“Although exercising keeps you healthy, it can also increase your productivity at work. I always make time for yoga in the morning. Exercise feeds your brain with blood, glucose and oxygen, and also releases those amazing mood enhancing endorphins. Carving out just five minutes in the morning will set you up for the rest of day.”- Dylan Salamon, Director of Wellbeing at hasta

5. Sort out your inbox 

“Before I was a CEO, my inbox was a mess – unread emails, no folders or semblance or organisation. When I decided to form my own company, I realised that this was something I needed to change. Creating a filing system and making sure I don’t have any unread messages at the end of the day has made me more productive and, consequently, have less anxiety. When left to get out of control, mountains of unread emails can seem like an insurmountable task. Keeping on top of admin is my number one tip on setting yourself up for a more productive tomorrow.” – David Lawlor, CEO at hasta

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