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8 Ways Employee Team Building Increases Wellbeing and Performance

We are emerging out of lockdown and into a new dawn. As we progress in the new normal, it will become increasingly vital to keep your employees connected, wherever they are based, while many of us transition to hybrid working. 

The purpose of team building is not just to give people a breather from their daily work; carefully curated team building activities have the potential to build rapport, develop the skills of your staff, enhance wellbeing and increase productivity.

Here are 8 reasons why you should consider team building at work.

  1. Boosts Morale

The positive and passionate attitude of an enthusiastic workforce is infectious. Increased morale in the workplace is created and maintained by a team full of happy workers. In addition to highlighting how to have more fun and positivity at work, team building often identifies barriers to positive morale allowing you to make the necessary changes to your workplace culture. If during an outdoor team activity you yield better results than an indoor activity, you know that your staff value being outside, out of the office and have a focus on physical health.

2. Enhances Communication

Enhanced communication between employees is perhaps the biggest benefit of properly planned team building events. Employees can enjoy exciting activities, get to know each other better, and build trust before tackling a problem. By focusing on working together, communication is instantly improved as the success of the team relies on this. Everyone likes to win, which is why teambuilding is a perfect way to emulate the type of culture you want in the office.

3. Increases Productivity

Productivity will increase as a result of improved communication and collaboration. Physical activity and succeeding in a task creates endorphins that have a direct impact on our mood and overall wellbeing. All these factors contribute to workplace satisfaction, which is intrinsically linked to productivity. Employees that feel and are cared for outperform those who do not.

4. Celebrates Diversity

Your employees and teams have diverse skillsets and different ways of thinking; team building brings this diversity to the forefront. Team building events, such as competitive socialising, cater to introverts and extroverts, providing a platform to carve different roles for all team members and allowing all people to shine.

5. Encourages Creativity

Innovative team building activities empower employees to be creative, encourage them to communicate and implement new ideas and methods into a proposed plan or solution. Team based activities demonstrate the value each staff member brings and ensures everyone has the opportunity to try something new.

6. Reduces Absenteeism

It has been clinically proven that a boost in employee wellbeing and morale, through activities such as team building, has a direct impact on employee absenteeism. When employees are satisfied in the workplace, they are less likely to need time off. Team building activities help in all of these areas. These activities and days should form part of a wider wellbeing plan for your staff with the intention of preserving their mental and physical health. A happy and healthy workforce reduces sick days and increases retention.  

7. Provides Opportunities for Praise and Recognition

Team building days are when hidden skills come to the forefront and you learn something new about your staff. A work environment that maximises each employee’s strengths is 15% more productive. Discovering your employees’ secret talents and tapping into their assets can be accomplished during team activities. Team building allows praise to be prevalent throughout, providing clear signals of recognition and accomplishment to your workforce. Praise and recognition undoubtedly maintain high levels of confidence among employees as well as inspire morale in the office.

8. Improve Collaboration

Collaboration is a major benefit of a well-planned team building activity. Speaking to people from different departments or outside of your social circle exposes you to fresh ways of working and thinking that prove beneficial in and outside of the office. 

Activities that build teamwork and trust are a powerful way to increase motivation, nurture strengths, and address weaknesses. They must be tailored to meet your needs and serve a genuine purpose to have an impact. Competitive socialising provides a game format with clearly defined goals for employees to engage with. Unique events like The Curling Club provide a teambuilding experience like no other. 

The Curling Club is a high-end event in some of the UK’s most iconic locations that will transport your staff to the Alpine après ski chalet. This inclusive, personalised and immersive event stands out from all other seemingly ordinary teambuilding formats in that it is outdoors, inclusive, requires minimal physical strength and combines slick competitive socialising with delectable food and drinks. It is not an event or a day out, it is an experience that your team will remember for years to come. The needs employee are at the forefront of every hasta World event; we are here to help you reach your wellbeing goals and the Curling Club is a perfect place to start.  

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