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Collage of sporting event that happened this week

British Summer strikes again

It is on days like today that the British stand alone. Truly solitary. Sandra Bullock in “Gravity” levels of loneliness.


Yes, the mercury is blasting through 40 degrees and we are set to witness the hottest year on record however, only we as a nation are not only renowned for, but now actively expected to complain our way through this heatwave. The Daily Mail has already been quoted as expecting “thousands of deaths” in a typically understated commentary on events. Offices up and down the country have been abandoned to allow people to complain in the comfort of their own paddling pools whilst those who braved the offices take part in their own internal battles over the air con control.

The fact is, we don’t deal well with change. Mere weeks ago we were desperate for a bit of sun! Mick Jagger said it best when he crooned, “You can’t always get what you want!” no doubt implying that if we did get everything we asked for we won’t appreciate what we had, and isn’t that the truth?!

Take the world of sport, for example. Baz-ball heralded a new dawn for English cricket and for now, all is well with the test game for our national side, it seems. However, with change comes disruption and with a new coach, a new captain and the test side captain sensibly putting aside the one format of the game England have excelled at over the last few years, we have seen nothing short of a capitulation against India in the three match series. Does this mean all is lost? Absolutely not, even the ODI side managed to upset the apple cart to require a deciding third match. South Africa arrive next and the Test series promises to be fascinating viewing whilst the ODI and T20 series likewise purely for the unpredictability if nothing else!

There is so much more for us to be happy and even thankful about from what we have already experienced this summer!

The Wimbledon Championship tossed up one of the most unlikely finals in recent history when actual personality was pitted against uber-professional in a final for the ages. Kygrios splits most households but there is no doubt he has brought eyes to the game that would have long previously written it off. Novak eventually put it to bed for his fourth title on the trot but wasn’t he given a scare?

In the golf, Cam Smith, the cheeky Queenslander who has snuck up behind the traditionalists to grab the golfing world by the scruff of the neck and declare himself a multiple major champion by not only winning the Claret Jug but proceeding to measure it’s volume in cans of beer. What a bloke! Keep your metric system!

England and Ireland have travelled to the Southern hemisphere and both come back victorious (happy and glorious in England’s case), for the first time ever for the Irish and third team to ever win a series against a home New Zealand side, albeit one struggling to find their identity under new-ish coach, Ian Foster.

In the Women’s Euros, England are through to the Quarter-Finals against Spain having notched up a record win against Norway last week, already proving this to be a hugely successful tournament regardless of what happens against Spain on Wednesday.

 When you take into account all the great sport we have been at this summer and what’s to come, including the return fixtures of some of the rugby from this summer, more cricket, The Hundred, not to mention Goodwood and hasta’s own Autumn Preview Lunch to look forward to, there really is plenty to be happy about.

So Britain, let’s turn these frowns upside down because as Mick said, “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might just find, you get what you need…” and who doesn’t need a boat load of top quality sport in their lives?!

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