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Harnessing the power of CBD for healing and wellbeing

CBD’s power is far reaching. Helping with multiple issues such as sleep, sports recovery and anxiety, CBD is a powerful, natural remedy that enhances overall wellbeing. Founded from the desire to provide alternatives to pharmaceutical medicine, fourfivecbd is a trusted partnership that presents a positive challenge to people’s pre-existing notions about wellbeing.

Determined to play a part in community and conservation, fourfivecbd is made in the UK and only uses sustainable ingredients. hasta prides itself on offering a wellbeing package that touches every need in everyone. This partnership is set to do just that.

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We are very excited to have partnered with hasta. They have a diverse client base and we’re looking forward to demonstrating the impact of CBD on recovery. We’ve worked tirelessly to build a credible product and brand, want to work with partners who can help it realise it’s potential.”

Dominic Day, Co-Founder at fourfive Nutrition

How our partnerships benefit our customers

“I heard of fourfive through hasta and had to give this one-of-a-kind product a go, and I wasn’t disappointed!”

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