hasta Pledge Update: Plastic Free July

No plastic is fantastic.

It’s the end of Plastic Free July and we’ve had an incredible, yet eye-opening, month. A few weeks ago, we pledged to continue to reduce our plastic use and overall environmental impact on the planet; so here’s an update on the past month’s activities…

Paperless office

As a paperless office, we save around 160,000 sheets of paper a year and approximately 80 toner cartridges. Not only are we reducing paper waste, but we’re also removing the plastic within the toner ink itself, made up of polyester, along with all the associated delivery emissions, plastic packaging and plastic casings. 

The last 18 months have shown us that paper is less central to business across the board and if you aren’t convinced by the altruistic reasons for going paperless, you should know that being paper-free can reduce office running costs by up to 30%.

Reusable bottles

In one month, we saved 320 single use bottles, translating to 3,840 a year and approximately 73kg in plastic waste. The transition to reusable bottles for the office became a habit within a few days. As a team-wide initiative, we were all consciously, and collectively, making the effort to refill our bottles, resulting in this seamlessly entering our corporate culture. Reusable bottles are an easy transition for any workplace and it has a huge impact that only increases the more people buy-in.

Reusable canvas bags

We issued all our staff with reusable canvas bags and placed a note on the way out of the office saying “What’s in your bag?” to encourage team members to use them when heading out to get lunch.  We calculated that if all 16 of us stick to our commitment not to use or buy any new single-use plastic bags for a full year, we will have saved 19kg of plastic waste.

Plastic bags are the scourge of marine life and we’re determined to stop the harm by keeping this commitment going. On top of the environmental benefits canvas bags bring, it’s also a walking advert for your company; think golf umbrella but better and ones that you can use all year round. We aren’t sure how many people see our bags on a daily basis, but with 16 people, cycling, training and walking through London every day, we think it is a lot!

These promising results are just from the minor actions of 16 people at work. Imagine what all of us could do if we reduced our plastic consumption at home or if every employer committed to implementing canvas bags and reusable bottle policies?

We are constantly reviewing where we are and where we are going, but we’ve seen that through small and incremental change, we can make a huge difference. Plastic Free July has been a success and shown what we can do as a collective. Being a plastic-free company by January 2023 is still our top priority and hasta is continually looking at ways to reduce and eliminate single-use plastic from our events.

Tell us on our social channels what you did during Plastic Free July and what changes you’re going to make for the future. Let’s inspire each other.