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England cricketer Sam Curran celebrating after bowling out batter from Sri Lanka

Most Runs in Cricket: A Look into the All-Time Leading Run Scorers

Cricket, often referred to as the gentleman’s game, is a sport where runs hold the utmost significance. In cricket, runs reflect a player’s batting prowess and act as a testament to their skill and consistency on the pitch. Whether it’s the explosive and high-scoring nature of One Day Internationals (ODIs) or the endurance and technique required in Test matches, consistent run scoring is a paramount aspect of a player’s career.

In this post, we will delve into the fascinating world of cricket’s leading run scorers. We will explore the top players who have amassed the most runs in T20 & ODI matches, the all-time leading Test run-scorers, and shine a spotlight on the players who have achieved the most Test runs for England, a nation steeped in cricketing history. We will celebrate their remarkable performances and delve into their impact on the national team.

Most Runs in ODIs

One Day Internationals (ODIs) occupy a prominent place in the realm of cricket. These limited-overs matches, spanning a single day, captivate fans with their fast-paced and high-scoring nature. In the world of ODIs, the accumulation of runs holds immense significance, shaping a player’s career and legacy.

At the #1 spot, we have Sachin Tendulkar, considered one of the most prolific run scores of his generation Sachin amassed a mind-blowing record of 18,426 runs. His batting prowess made an impact on the game, especially against Australia, where he scored a century at the age of 19 and had probably the finest innings ever on a lightning-fast surface.

Now let’s take a closer look at the top ten players who have excelled at accumulating the most runs in ODI cricket:

Player Years Matches Runs HS Centuries Half-Centuries
SR Tendulkar  1989-2012 463 18426 200 49 96
KC Sangakkara  2000-2015 404 14234 169 25 93
RT Ponting 1995-2012 375 13704 164 30 82
ST Jayasuriya 1989-2011 445 13430 189 28 68
V Kohli  2008-2023 274 12898 183 46 65
DPMD Jayawardene  1998-2015 448 12650 144 19 77
Inzamam-ul-Haq 1991-2007 378 11739 137 10 83
JH Kallis 1996-2014 328 11579 139 17 86
SC Ganguly 1992-2007 311 11363 183 22 72
R Dravid 1996-2011 344 10889 153 12 83

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Most Runs in T20 

T20 cricket has revolutionised the game with its fast-paced and exhilarating nature. In this section, we will delve into the world of T20 matches and explore the remarkable achievements of the top run scorers in this format. These players have enthralled fans with their explosive batting skills and consistent run-scoring.

The most prolific run scorer in T20 history is Chris Gayle, a Jamaican-born left-hander with outstanding hand-eye coordination. Scoring a total of 14,652 runs over his career, no batsman has taken to the 20-over format as he has, and his skills became apparent early in his career when he hit the first century in T20 against South Africa.

Without further ado, here are the top ten players who have amassed the most runs in T20 matches:

Player Years Mat Runs HS Centuries Half-Centuries
CH Gayle 2005-2022 463 14562 175 22 88
Shoaib Malik 2005-2023 510 12528 95 0 77
KA Pollard 2006-2023 625 12175 104 1 58
V Kohli 2007-2023 374 11965 122 8 91
DA Warner 2007-2023 356 11695 135 8 99
AJ Finch 2009-2023 382 11392 172 8 77
AD Hales 2009-2023 399 11209 116 5 74
RG Sharma 2007-2023 423 11035 118 6 74
JC Buttler 2009-2023 370 9923 124 6 70
BB McCullum 2005-2019 370 9922 158 7 55

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All-Time Test Run Scorers

Cricket holds Test matches as its pinnacle. These longer-format games, spanning several days, test players’ endurance, skill, and mental fortitude. Within Test cricket lies the prestigious title of the all-time leading run-scorer, a record of immense significance. Accumulating runs in Test matches is not merely about the numbers; it shapes a player’s legacy and leaves an indelible mark on the sport.

One of the most recognisable cricket players of all time, Sachin Tendulkar, takes the top spot on the list (again!). Second place goes to Australian cricket legend Ricky Ponting, who developed into the nation’s most prolific run scorer.

So, let’s take a glance at the top ten players who have achieved the most Test runs:

Player Years Matches Runs HS Centuries Half-Centuries
SR Tendulkar (IND) 1989-2013 200 15921 248 51 68
RT Ponting (AUS) 1995-2012 168 13378 257 41 62
JH Kallis (ICC/SA) 1995-2013 166 13289 224 45 58
R Dravid (ICC/IND) 1996-2012 164 13288 270 36 63
AN Cook (ENG) 2006-2018 161 12472 294 33 57
KC Sangakkara (SL) 2000-2015 134 12400 319 38 52
BC Lara (ICC/WI) 1990-2006 131 11953 400 34 48
S Chanderpaul (WI) 1994-2015 164 11867 203 30 66
DPMD Jayawardene (SL) 1997-2014 149 11814 374 34 50
AR Border (AUS) 1978-1994 156 11174 205 27 63

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Most Runs in All Forms of Cricket

When it comes to the most runs in cricket, there are a select few players who have etched their names into the record books across all forms of the game. In this section, we will celebrate the exceptional achievements of the top run scorers in the history of cricket, spanning across all formats.

Here are the top five players who have amassed the most runs in all forms of cricket:

Player Years Matches Runs HS Centuries Half-Centuries
SR Tendulkar 1989-2013 664 34357 248 100 164
KC Sangakkara 2000-2015 594 28016 319 63 153
RT Ponting 1995-2012 560 27483 257 71 146
DPMD Jayawardene  1997-2015 652 25957 374 54 136
JH Kallis 1995-2014 519 25534 224 62 149


Most Test Runs for England

When it comes to Test cricket, the England cricket team has witnessed some extraordinary players who have left an indelible mark on the sport. Let’s now turn our attention to the top run scorers in Test matches for England, celebrating their remarkable contributions to the national team.

Alastair Cook is now widely recognised as one of England’s all-time great cricketers. Cook amassed a staggering 12,472 runs for England from his first to his last test at the age of 33, making him both the biggest run-scorer and the greatest century-maker. He clearly earned respect throughout the course of his career, and this, together with a number of achievements, led to his knighthood.

Here are the top five players who have achieved the most Test runs for England, displaying their exceptional batting skills and unwavering dedication:

Player Years Mat Runs HS Centuries Half-Centuries
Alastair Cook 2006-2018 161 12472 294 33 57
Joe Root 2012-2023 131* 11165 254 30 58
Graham Gooch 1975-1995 118 8900 333 20 46
Alec Stewart 1990-2003 133 8463 190 15 45
David Gower 1978-1992 117 8231 215 18 39


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