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Damian speaking on stage with the rugby talent in the Langham ballroom

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Interview With Olympic Champion and Team GB Curling Captain, Eve Muirhead MBE

Eve Muirhead OBE, MBE hasta ambassador smiling with Olympic gold medal

Decorated Olympian and four-time world junior champion, Eve Muirhead MBE, joins hasta World as an

Ben Bidwell on a swing looking into the distance

£45 billion a year. That is the annual financial cost of employee burnout. £45 billion

Big yellow gondolier at the entrance to The Curling Club at the Langham.

The Curling Club comes to London this December 2021 and will provide the nation’s workforce

Canvas shopping bag with the hasta logo on it

Conservation is at the heart of what we do and stand for; without a healthy

Ben Bidwell in the woods smiling for a photo

hasta World partners with renowned mental health and mindset coach, Ben Bidwell. The corporate wellbeing

Someone looking at their phone and computer

We need to acknowledge that digital health forms a large part of our wellbeing. People

Dr Rachael Kent smiling for a photo

hasta World has partnered with leading academic and researcher in digital health, Dr Rachael Kent,

Guys laughing and smiling on the curling sheet

Maybe addressing one of these aspects would be believable but increasing all three for your

James Dowler sitting on a bench smiling for a photo

Resident breath expert, James Dowler, imparts his knowledge on how breath can be the easiest

Dylan Salamon smiling for a picture

Dylan Salamon, co-founder and Director of Wellbeing at hasta World, has always had a passion

Pride flag flying in the air

It’s Pride Month and a time to celebrate leaders and businesses that are flying the

A pond with a pink lily flowering

After being at the kitchen table, home office, bedroom or living room, going back to

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