An Interview With Eve Muirhead MBE Three-Time Olympian and hasta Ambassador

We caught up with hasta & Curling Club Ambassador and current Team GB Skip Eve Muirhead MBE

The Winter Olympics are a few months away and we are gearing up for another successful sporting season with Team GB. Who better to get us excited about the upcoming event than current Curling Team GB Skip Eve Muirhead MBE.

  1. After two great competitions – winning in Switzerland and getting to the semi-finals in Russia – how are you feeling physically and mentally with your game right now?

“I’m feeling very good actually, both physically and mentally. There’s nothing like a few wins to get your confidence up. The game is coming along nicely and I’m really looking forward to the next few weeks. This in-between period is a vital time for us. Even though we’re doing well, it’s important to keep progressing and working on the small things. I truly believe that if you do that as an individual and as a team, little nuances in the game become easier. And, over time, things slot into place meaning we’ll hopefully get those crucial wins.”

2. With the Winter Olympics drawing closer, what does your regular routine entail to be ready for February?

“Even though it’s October, we’re still a long way from being in Beijing. We’ve got the selection for the Olympic qualifiers soon and the qualifiers before we get the confirmed spot in Beijing.  

“My routine stays pretty much the same for the Olympics as it would for any other competition. I try and maintain the mindset that is in fact ‘just another competition’. This helps me focus because in reality, it is not like any other competition. It’s the Olympics. You’re on a global stage representing the nation. It’s a big deal.”

3. Are there any tips/tricks or routines you have when combatting your nerves in pressured situations when competing?

“You’re asking the wrong person! I love playing under pressure and think nerves hugely benefit my crucial last shot. I’m one of those people that thrive under pressure, which is great as curling is a high-pressure game.”

4. At what age did you start curling and when was it that you knew this was something you wanted to pursue as a career? 

“From the age of about 9, I knew my life would centre around curling. My dad was a world-class curler and Olympian. I just loved watching him. The more you watch someone you love do something, the more inspired you are to do it yourself.

“When I was a teenager, I realised I had a great future within the sport. I was selected for the regional and national teams and ended up winning the Scottish Championships. This led me to represent Scotland at World Championships. From a very young age, I very quickly recognised my potential. It only seemed natural to pursue the sport.”

5. What’s exciting you most about The Curling Club? 

“Being able to share my passion with others is a very exciting prospect. I want people to feel the same exhilaration and suspense that I get when I’m on the ice. The Curling Club provides a unique opportunity for people to try something new whilst being with their family and friends. My teammates are like my family; the bond you make through curling is second to none. I guarantee those leaving the rink at The Curling Club will have created a connection that’ll last for a long time to come.” 

6. What tips would you give people who are trying the sport for the first time? 

“Stay calm. It’s a pretty fast paced game so tensions do run high. If you want to win, you need to be as cool as the ice and as steady as the curling stone, but the main thing is to have fun. Soak up the atmosphere of these incredible locations and just revel in it.” 

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