Go from Surviving to Thriving with These 10 Steps

The hasta team share their top tips for success in and out of the office

The start of the new quarter brings with it so much promise. Even though we may have the best of intentions, forming new habits can be a challenge. We think we’ve got some pretty good heads on a few shoulders here at hasta so we’ve put together an ultimate guide on how to go from surviving to thriving.

Here are 10 simple steps that can make your day more productive and increase your wellbeing with zero hassle. All it takes is a bit of practice, dedication and support, and can be catered to the individual or company. This is what our team does on a daily basis to make sure they maximise life in and out of the office.

1.      Eat right

“Eating right is a fundamental principle I live by. If my body isn’t right, how can I be at my best, happiest and most productive? Meal prepping and batch cooking work for me and my busy schedule but I am not infallible. There are some days where my good intentions go awry, which is why I always have a backup. Rather than reach for processed food that is high in fat and sugar, I turn to meal prep services that ensure my nutrient intake doesn’t suffer even when my organisation does.”

–   Dylan Salamon

2.      Meditate and Breathwork

“I used to underestimate the benefit of proper breathwork and meditation could have, not only on my overall wellbeing but on my performance at work. As friends, employers, employees and colleagues, we constantly put our personal needs on hold and tackle the next problem. I’ve learnt that taking just a minute at times of stress really changes my mindset and the trajectory of my day. Attacking stress as soon as it starts to present itself with proper breathing helps elevate daily pressures and makes my evening meditation productive, relaxing and focused on me rather than my work.”

–  David Lawlor

3.      Look for opportunities

“You don’t have to look to other pastures for opportunities to learn. Working at a dynamic and diverse company like hasta, means there is always innovation and creativity on the horizon. Even though I work in Finance, I regularly check in with other departments, collaborate on projects and hone skills that I may not use in my role every day.”

–  Charles Brittan

4.      Organisation is key

“If I don’t have my day planned out, lists written down and meetings scheduled, I know my day is going to be harder than it needs to be. Don’t get me wrong, it didn’t come naturally at first, however, with dedication and practice, I just need five minutes every morning and I’m set up for success.”

–  Sophie Marshall

5.      Take your holiday

“Even though I love my job, I love my time off. When I first started my career, I fell into the trap of never taking annual leave and had a presenteeism mindset which can be destructive. Now, I look forward to taking time off and take all of it off every year. I need the space to recharge and be with my those closest to me. These breaks make me a better person, a better employee and colleague. Taking time to relax helps to rejuvenate the spirit and makes me more productive upon returning to work.”

–  Josh Brown

6.      Schedule YOU time

“Being at work should not be all-consuming and certainly does not have to be. A thriving workplace culture is based on shared values, aligned visions and celebration of individuality. The latter can mean creating space to be by yourself within the office. Personally, I take breaks to replenish during the day. At these times, I do not read my emails or look at my phone. Instead, I have a nutritional snack, stretch out or get outside. After a few minutes, I always feel reinvigorated and excited to get back to it.”

–  Freddie O’Brien

7.      Stay connected

“Keeping in touch with friends and family is paramount to my success both in and out of the office. Even during lockdown, communication with loved ones was a priority and had a profound impact on my wellbeing. Establishing a routine of communication in which a phone or video conference replaces texting is a good place to start.”

–  Rob Fee

8.      Practise gratitude

“There is so much to be grateful for every day, and nothing brought that more to the forefront than the last 18 months. To enable me to take learnings into each new day and feel satisfied with my choices, I practise gratitude. It’s an essential part of my day and I fit it into my mornings or evening routine, whichever time I can dedicate my whole self to.”

–  John-Henry Smith

9.      Be purposeful

“Time is short and we have to make it count in all aspects of our lives. As we spend the majority of time at work, for me, it’s crucial that I have a sense of purpose in my job as well as the knowledge that my employer is working for a greater purpose. Having an impact on communities and the planet, no matter no small, is a dealbreaker for me. My place of work needs to align with my values, bring me joy and fulfilment every day. I believe these factors are essential for a thriving workplace.”

–  Chris Scriven

10.  Try and work flexibly and creatively

“Flexibility and creativity have been a key part of our strategy at hasta. Being an agile company, able to react and adapt to the changing environment and needs of our employees has been crucial. Not only did we brave the Covid storm, but we also amended our working practices to fit our staff and the way we all wanted to work. Working in this way means we can connect with global suppliers from the comfort of our office, reducing our carbon footprint whilst enhancing our customer experience.”

–  Taylan Ylidiz