How can you cure your Autumn Anxiety?

3 fantastic tips to fend off the seasonal blues:

Autumn anxiety is the annual increase in anxiety that many people suffer from during the autumn months. 

For children it can be set off by the start of the new school year and for adults it may be a case of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), not achieving your summer goals or many other reasons. 

Symptoms of Autumn Anxiety

  • low mood and depression
  • anxiety and excessive worry
  • irritability
  • lethargy, sleepiness, and fatigue
  • loss of interest in everyday activities

Whatever sets you down the slippery slope, we have 3 fantastic tips to fend off the seasonal blues:

1: Start Something New

Instead of seeing the end of summer as the end of fun and freedom, reframe the situation to start something new and exciting. Perhaps you now have the opportunity to finally start reading more, getting to the gym or starting a new hobby. 

The newest trend comes in the form of picking up the phone again! We may be spending more time indoors, but this brings the chance to reconnect with friends and family who you perhaps haven’t been able to communicate with for too long. Whatever it might be, the process of creating habits and giving yourself small things to look forward to can be a massive help.

2: Get more light. 

Counterintuitive indeed, buy essential. The healing effects of natural light and Vitamin D3 are magnificent and we should look to maximise our time outside, even if it is overcast. The effects move beyond simply assisting with Seasonal Affective Disorder and also positively affect our physical health. Finally in the northern hemisphere, we tend to spend as much time as possible inside, and forcing yourself to get outside can help you with greater socialisation or more fun activities.

… but if it is all too wet to get outside, then 30 minutes infant of a light box will do the trick.

3: Exercise regularly 

The first 2 tips can lead perfectly into number 3… you can get more light while trying something new. Regular exercise will help shift body fat, increase endorphin production, promote more socialisation and give you a whole new set of goals to aim for. 

While many people enjoy launching their exercise regimes and resolutions from January 1st, the sad truth is that we are often already carrying a lot of Christmas weight and in the depths of winter… if you can start the personal exercise revolution a month or two before Christmas party season starts, then you are giving yourself a much better chance to succeed and be happy.