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Born out of the desire to bring people together and make unforgettable memories, The Curling Club is an immersive pop-up that will make you forget why you even hesitated to go to, or throw, a Christmas party.

Bringing together competitive socialising and true après-ski vibes, The Curling Club will be unlike any other festive celebration around. Whilst there may not be ice, the game will be true to its roots with Olympian and Team GB skip, Eve Murihead, being on hand to impart curls of wisdom and make sure we are doing the sport proud.

London’s first and only curling pop-up is gliding into the tired space of Christmas parties and giving them a cool glow-up. It will replace bog-standard red and white table wine with more than palatable Merlots, Sauvignon Blancs and mulled wine, and swap sad, limp slices of turkey or vegetarian bake with delectable fondue, alpine-inspired treats and raclette. Throw into the mix live entertainment and the glacial sport of curling and you are on to an experience like no other.

We haven’t been able to travel over the past year, so hasta thought it would bring the missed ski season to you. The Curling Club is the most exclusive, inclusive event this year. Unlike drinking in a bar and picking at a terrine at a table, the open-air Curling Club is suited for everyone; for introverts, extroverts, the laid-back, the competitive, the fitness-focused, Finance, Marketing, Admin, IT, Front of House, the Board, and the list goes on. We’ve created a unique experience, including a short, fast form of the quintessentially British game that is bound to be a nail-biting, suspenseful event for your team.

Christmas does, but shouldn’t, bring out the penny pinchers in us. With exceedingly shrinking social budgets, organisations need to focus on what staff want at a Christmas party, and it isn’t always buckets of drinks. While these are great and a courageously delicious cocktail is rarely turned down, that isn’t what tickles everyone’s fancy.

CEO of hasta World, David Lawlor, commented, “People want to be included and have their likes represented. Flamboyant entertainment, magicians, sports, finger-licking food, comedians, live DJs, iconic locations and leaders are what people want. This is what we have created at The Curling Club. A magical concoction of the best of the slopes and an intoxicating atmosphere will reveal your passion for one of the most quintessential British past-times; curling.”