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The Hundred Records and Statistics

Hello there, cricket fans! Have you ever wondered about the outstanding records that are etched in the history of The Hundred

The Hundred is a professional cricket event that has swept the cricketing world by storm. It has enthralled fans all around the world with its distinctive format and intense action. But what exactly defines a thrilling sport? Of course, the records are to blame! Records have an inherent attraction that drives athletes to their limits and ignites fan fervour.

These records showcase extraordinary performances and create a legacy for players and teams. Whether it’s the highest score in The Hundred, the lowest score in the tournament, or the highest individual score, each record holds a story of its own. They are a testament to the incredible skill, determination, and sheer talent displayed on the cricket field. 

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The Highest Score in The Hundred

The highest score in The Hundred refers to the remarkable feat of a team amassing the most runs in a single match. It is a testament to the explosive batting prowess witnessed in this franchise cricket tournament. 

In an unforgettable match between the Manchester Originals and the Northern Superchargers on August 21st, 2022, the Originals made history by setting a new benchmark for the highest score in The Hundred. Their performance saw them accumulate a staggering total of 208 runs

To provide a broader perspective on the highest scores in The Hundred, let’s take a look at the top 10 scores achieved in the tournament:

Team Score Opposition Match Date
Originals 208 v N S-Chargers 21 Aug 2022
N S-Chargers 200 v Originals 12 Aug 2021
Rockets 193 v Originals 13 Aug 2022
Originals 189 v Rockets 13 Aug 2022
Originals 188 v Brave 18 Aug 2022
N S-Chargers 185 v Originals 21 Aug 2022
Phoenix 184 v Fire 9 Aug 2021
Rockets 181 v Invincibles 17 Aug 2022
Phoenix 176 v Brave 10 Aug 2022
Phoenix 174 v Invincibles 4 Aug 2021


The Lowest Score in The Hundred

Moving to the opposite end of the spectrum, let’s look at the lowest team score in The Hundred. This record represents an unfortunate moment for the batting team, but it adds an interesting dimension to the tournament. 

One match stands out in The Hundred’s history for its remarkably low score. It was a contest between the Phoenix and the Originals on August 28th, 2022. In this particular game, the Thunder faced a formidable bowling attack that restricted them to a meagre total of 75 runs. 

Now, let’s take a look at the top 10 lowest scores ever recorded in The Hundred:

Team Score Opposition Match Date
Phoenix 75 v Originals 28 Aug 2022
Phoenix 87 v Originals 25 Jul 2021
Fire 91 v Phoenix 9 Aug 2021
Spirit 92 v N S-Chargers 3 Aug 2021
Rockets 96 v Brave 20 Aug 2021
Fire 102 v Originals 16 Aug 2022
Fire 107 v Brave 3 Aug 2022
Originals 108 v Spirit 8 Aug 2022
Fire 114 v N S-Chargers 26 Aug 2022
Spirit 116 v Rockets 29 Jul 2021


The Highest Individual Score in The Hundred

This record highlights the astonishing feat of a single player amassing the most runs in a match, leaving a lasting impact on the tournament’s history.

Among the notable records, one stands out as the highest individual score achieved in The Hundred. It was a momentous occasion on August 14th, 2022, when the Oval Invincibles took on the Southern Brave. In this exhilarating contest, Will Jacks, representing the Oval Invincibles, etched his name in the record books by scoring an astounding 108 runs off 48 balls.

Here is a table showcasing the top 10 highest individual scorers in The Hundred:

Player Runs Balls Team Opposition Match Date
Will Jacks 108* 48 Invincibles v Southern Brave 14 Aug 2022
Will Smeed 101* 50 Phoenix v Southern Brave 10 Aug 2022
Dawid Malan 98* 44 Rockets v Originals 13 Aug 2022
Liam Livingstone 92* 40 Phoenix v Northern Superchargers 17 Aug 2021
Dawid Malan 88* 49 Rockets v Northern Superchargers 09 Aug 2022
David Willey 81* 45 N S-Chargers v London Spirit 03 Aug 2021
Colin Ingram 81* 43 Invincibles v Birmingham Phoenix 04 Aug 2021
Will Jacks 81 45 Invincibles v Welsh Fire 07 Aug 2022
Matthew Wade 81 42 Phoenix v London Spirit 30 Aug 2022
Glenn Phillips 80 35 Fire v London Spirit 18 Aug 2021
Adam Lyth 79 33 N S-Chargers v Oval Invincibles 11 Aug 2022
Paul Stirling 74* 42 Brave v Welsh Fire 22 Aug 2022


The Hundred Leading Run Scorers

The batters who constantly bring their A-game, put on mind-blowing performances, and have a significant impact on their teams deserve recognition. So buckle up and get ready to support these legendary run scorers! The key to understanding the top teams in the competition and how they are crushing the game is to keep an eye on those run scorers who are tearing it up on the pitch.

Let’s take a look at the current top five leading run scorers in The Hundred:

Player Span Runs HS Ave BF
Dawid Malan 2021-2022 591 98* 39.4 402
Liam Livingstone 2021-2022 521 92* 47.36 314
Phil Salt 2021-2022 475 70* 29.68 317
Ben Duckett 2021-2022 452 65 30.13 331
Alex Hales 2021-2022 444 59 26.11 310


Who Scored the First 100 in The Hundred?

On August 10th 2022, Will Smeed etched his name in The Hundred’s record books as the first player to score a century in the tournament. Representing the Birmingham Phoenix, the 20-year-old unleashed a scintillating display of batting prowess against the Southern Brave.

Smeed’s unbeaten knock of 101 was nothing short of breathtaking. In just 49 balls, he showcased a remarkable combination of power, precision, and fearlessness. His innings were adorned with eight boundaries, comprising of authoritative fours and towering sixes. This extraordinary century by Smeed set a new benchmark in The Hundred, captivating fans and leaving cricket enthusiasts in awe of his explosive batting.


The Hundred Team Rewards

Teams in The Hundred have more than just records to strive for; there are enticing rewards awaiting the victorious side. The winners of The Hundred receive a multitude of benefits that extend beyond mere bragging rights.

Foremost among the rewards is the prestigious title of being the champions of The Hundred. This accolade brings immense prestige and recognition to the winning team, solidifying their place in the tournament’s history. In addition to the title, the winners of The Hundred are rewarded with substantial prize money. In the 2022 edition of The Hundred, a prize pool of £600,000 was divided among the winning men’s and women’s teams. Each victorious team received £150,000, while the runners-up claimed £75,000. 


The Hundred Player Rewards

Participating in The Hundred not only offers thrilling cricket action but also lucrative financial rewards for the cricketers involved. Players in The Hundred receive substantial compensation for their skills and contributions to the tournament. The Hundred’s highest pay bracket for men is £125,000.

And there you have it, cricket enthusiasts! We’ve looked at some of the most impressive records of The Hundred and explored their significance. These records embody moments of excellence, remarkable performances, and the sheer thrill and agony of the game. From the highest team scores to outstanding individual feats. 

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