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Who we are

hasta wellbeing is your tailor-made employee wellbeing solution. Centred around our 5 pillars of health, we’ve teamed up with top experts and industry leaders to change the corporate health and wellbeing sector.

Wellbeing programmes

We believe every employee is different. Our personalised programmes are built with your employees’ needs in mind. By building flexible online courses designed to enrich your business, we guarantee the best possible results through our unique implementation regardless of your location.

Business retreats

Our unforgettable and life changing escapes are designed to bring unity amongst your team, increase communication and cohesion, as well as expand individual knowledge and confidence.

Our personalised programmes encompass our 5 pillars of wellbeing:

Physical Health

Mental Health


Environmental Wellbeing

Higher Function

We cover all 360 degrees of health as well as supporting employees regardless of their location and situation.