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When is the Epsom Derby 2024? Dates and Everything You Need to Know.

The Epsom Derby is one of the most prestigious horse races in the world, attracting thousands of spectators and punters each year. As the 2023 winner, Auguste Rodin crossed the finish line, many were already looking ahead to the 2024 event. The question on everyone’s mind is, when is the Epsom Derby 2024?

History of Epsom Derby

This race has been around since way back in 1780 and has been held every single year since then. We’re talking serious history!

The race gets its name from the legendary spot where it all goes down—Epsom Downs in Surrey, England. It’s like the holy grail of horse racing, attracting enthusiasts and fans from all corners of the globe.

You can thank the 12th Earl of Derby, Edward Smith-Stanley, for this amazing spectacle. With a huge interest in horse racing, he wanted to create an event that would be the highlight of the racing calendar. Talk about passion!

The very first race went down with a horse named Diomed, ridden by jockey Sam Arnull, taking the victory. And guess what? The prize money for that first race was a whopping £1,065! Back in the day, that was some serious money.

Epsom Derby 2024 Days

This epic event is not just about heart-pounding action but a whole extravaganza of excitement. Here are the key days & dates you need to mark in your calendars!

Epsom Derby Ladies Day – Friday, 31st May 2024

Ladies, this one’s for you! On Friday, the 31st of May 2024, it’s time to show off your fabulous fashion sense and embrace the glitz and glamour of Epsom Derby Ladies’ Day. This is the day to shine, don your most stunning dresses, and rock those fabulous hats. It’s a celebration of style and elegance, where the fillies on and off the track steal the show. So, ladies, get ready to strut your stuff and enjoy a day of high fashion and exhilarating racing.

Derby Day – Saturday, 1st June 2024

The day we’ve all been waiting for is finally here—Derby Day! It’s the grand finale, the pinnacle of the Epsom Derby, and the atmosphere is going to be electrifying. On Saturday, the racing gods will be smiling upon us as the finest colts and fillies battle it out for glory. So, grab your binoculars, place your bets, and get ready to witness some heart-stopping, adrenaline-pumping action. Derby Day is where legends are made!

These two days are the crown jewels of the Epsom Derby 2024. Derby Day brings the ultimate showdown, where the best of the best go head-to-head, while Epsom Derby Ladies Day is all about embracing your inner fashionista and soaking up the vibrant atmosphere.

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Epsom Derby 2024: Key Race Time & Dates

Let’s talk about the key races that make this prestigious event the epitome of horse racing excellence!

Investec Oaks – Friday, 31st May 2024

On Friday, the 31st of May, we have the Investec Oaks, a race that showcases the incredible talent of the finest fillies in the game. These ladies have the fire in their hearts and the speed in their hooves, and they’ll be giving it their all to claim that well-deserved victory. It’s going to be a nail-biter, no doubt about it.

Investec Coronation Cup – Friday, 31st May 2024

The Investec Coronation Cup is a race that oozes prestige and showcases the true staying power of equine superstars. This race tests the endurance and determination of the finest stayers in the game. It’s a battle of wills, a clash of titans, and you better believe it’s going to be a spectacle to remember.

Investec Dash – Saturday, 1st June 2024

On the same day as the Investec Derby, we have the thrilling Investec Dash. Picture this: a lightning-fast, adrenaline-fueled sprint down the track. It’s like watching a blur of hooves and horsepower, with jockeys pushing their limits in the quest for glory. Blink and you might miss it!

Investec Derby – Saturday, 1st June 2024

Mark your calendars, because the Investec Derby is the race that everyone’s talking about. It’s the main event, the big kahuna, the race that separates the men from the boys and the fillies from the mares. Held on Saturday, the 1st of June 2024, this is where history is made and champions are crowned. The anticipation is real, my friends!

Circle those dates on your calendar, make sure you’ve got your binoculars ready, and get ready to witness some heart-pounding, pulse-racing action. 

Noteworthy Participants

Over the years, several notable trainers and jockeys have made a name for themselves:


Aidan O’Brien: One of the most successful trainers in the history of the Epsom Derby, having won a record nine times, most recently in 2023 with Auguste Rodin.

John Gosden: This British trainer has won the event 4 times, and has trained some successful horses, including Golden Horn, who won the Derby in 2015.


Lester Piggott: One of the most successful jockeys in the event’s history, having won the Derby a record 9 times. His first victory came in 1954 with the horse, Never Say Die.

Ryan Moore: This British jockey has won the event three times, with his most recent victory coming in 2023 with Auguste Rodin.

With the 2024 event just around the corner, fans will be eagerly anticipating which trainers and jockeys will come out on top.

Fashion and Entertainment

The Epsom Derby Festival isn’t just about horse racing—it’s a whole fashion and entertainment extravaganza! Tourists flock from all corners of the globe to experience this unique blend of fashion, music, and entertainment.

Although there is no strict dress code, fashion takes centre stage at the Epsom Derby Festival, so dressing to impress is highly encouraged. Ladies, get ready to rock elegant outfits and show off your elaborate hats on Ladies’ Day, while gents, sharp suits are the way to go. And hey, there’s even a Style Awards competition to honour the most fashion-forward attendees.

But it doesn’t stop there—musical performances keep the crowd grooving all day long. Live bands, DJs, and talented musicians take the stage, ensuring there’s never a dull moment. And let’s not forget the roaming performers like Royal Footmen and Royal Guards, adding that regal touch to the atmosphere.

Hospitality and Dining

The Epsom Derby is also a chance to treat yourself to fancy dining and top-notch hospitality. We’ve got lavish hospitality packages for everyone to enjoy in serious style. For luxury seekers, private boxes are where it’s at, kick back in your private box with a killer balcony view of the crowd and thundering hooves. It’s like a front-row seat to all the excitement!

You’ve also got award-winning restaurants for intimate dining. Feast on a five-course à la carte or a classic afternoon tea while soaking in the jaw-dropping racecourse views. And don’t miss the Derby Suite, the perfect combo of fine dining and primo race views.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the top contenders for the Epsom Derby in 2024?

It is too early to tell who the top contenders for the Epsom Derby in 2024 will be. However, as the race approaches, there will be more information available on the horses and jockeys to watch out for.

How do I purchase tickets for the Epsom Derby in 2024?

Contact us at hasta World to get VIP treatment with our Epsom Derby hospitality packages.

What is the dress code for the Epsom Derby in 2024?

There is no strict dress code for the Epsom Derby. However, it is recommended that attendees dress smartly. For men, a suit or jacket and trousers are appropriate. For women, a dress or trouser suit is recommended. It is also recommended that attendees wear comfortable shoes as the event involves a lot of walking and standing.

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