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Eve Muirhead OBE, MBE hasta ambassador smiling with Olympic gold medal and 4 incredible teammates

You are Gold! Eve Muirhead’s Olympic Dream Becomes Reality

Sunday marked the end of an exhilarating Winter Olympics in Beijing. With no medals prior to the men’s and women’s curling semi-finals, the window for GB’s fight for a gold was getting smaller with every stone thrown on the ice. Yet in the final hours of the tournament, Eve Muirhead and the curling Team GB won a gold medal in style, strength, unity and meticulous strategy.

Speaking to the BBC, Eve related her physical fitness to mental fitness and talked about her team’s resilience; thoughts echoed from when we spoke to her in October 2021. Whilst Eve was preparing for the games of her life, she noted she always maintained her characteristic cool edge, citing a focused mindset that stops her getting overwhelmed at the enormity of the Olympics. Eve noted that it’s when she plays under pressure that she truly thrives, and we couldn’t agree more. Team GB fought their way to the final via a nail-biting semi-final with Sweden. The world was on the edge of their seats as Sweden, Muirhead and her teammates put on a thrilling performance.

The Swedish world champions took the match to overtime with Eve Muirhead in the last end. With her trademark nerves of steel, remarkable focus and outstanding talent, Eve demonstrated why she was every inch the captain. Pulling off a phenomenal score of four in the ninth end, it looked unlikely that the Swedes would secure the points they needed with their last stone. Just when the atmosphere had reached fever pitch following Sweden’s incredible final stone, a nail-biting decider meant Team GB clinched the spot in the grand final. The truly competent British team were exceptionally calm under pressure and didn’t put a single foot wrong. The win was even more poignant for Eve as she had been in two Olympic semi-finals (2014 and 2018), but never in the running for a gold medal. 

The contrast between the drama and anticipation of the semi-final couldn’t have been more different to the final. Facing off Japan, Team GB made it a clean sweep and the captain’s dream of a gold medal became a reality. Scoring a superb four and giving GB a colossal six-point lead, Muirhead and her teammates thrashed their Japanese opponents 10-3.

Overwhelmed with emotion on the podium, Eve once again showcased her inspirational leadership qualities by continually praising the power and spirit of her teammates. Echoing the sentiment in October where she described her team as a family, it was wonderful to see this extraordinary sports person achieve such a stellar victory. Eve knew her life would be centred around curling from the age of nine, and becoming a gold medal adorned Olympian must be an achievement that takes mental fortitude and sacrifice that not many of us can understand. 

With only two medals in the Winter Games and both secured by the men’s and women’s curling teams, it’s safe to say that curling will continue to be the UK’s winter sport of choice. The success of hasta’s The Curling Club showed an appetite for the sport beyond watching the professionals. Eve’s passion for curling was evident at our events and, of course, in the Olympic games. We can’t wait to catch up with her on home turf, but in the meantime, here are some of our highlights from The Curling Club inspired by our Ambassador’s success.

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